Studio News

October 2017

Red Square offers small group classes and private yoga sessions on a limited basis. The yoga that I practice is known as the Yoga of Krisnamacarya as taught to me by my beloved yoga teacher, Kate Holcomb, founder of the Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco.  This lineage is the full deal–postures, meditation, breathing practice, and philosophy. The work is gentle but deep and focuses on flexibility, balance and strength.  What I don’t practice or teach is power yoga, vinyasa flow, or hot yoga.  There are plenty of yoga studios that offer more strenuous work on the top of the hill.

As a yoga teacher, the hard part of teaching is not trying to fix people. My work is to provide a quiet haven, to lead a practice, and to offer a retreat from the buzz, so students can see what is present for them.  Reflective posture work learn allows students to learn about their bodies.  It’s a place to figure out how to work with strengths, injuries, and limitations.  The work for each student is personal within a class format.  Classes are small and allow for personal attention. While this class is not suitable for people with serious physical issues, I do offer private sessions.

I have a few openings in two classes a week on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:00-10:15.  If you are interested in taking a class, please call me at 206.999.6274 to discuss whether the classes would be a good fit for you.

Be well,

Stacy Lawson