Our Aim


Red Square Yoga on Queen Anne aims to bring out the better being in all of us through postures, breath work, reflection, meditation, and yoga philosophy in small group classes and individual sessions. Our studio capacity is 10 students, so you won’t get lost in the crowd. Our classes feature deep yet gentle posture work and breathing exercises to bring about strength, flexibility, clear thinking, and healthier relationships. Our goal is promote better living through yoga!

In keeping with the ancient tradition of yoga teaching, our classes will be offered by donation. This means all who want yoga are welcome to attend classes regardless of finances. There is a self sign-in sheet and a donation box for classes at the front desk.

Imagine a world where more of us practiced yoga.



The yoga classes at the studio fall under the umbrella of hatha yoga. Hatha refers to the physical postures, breathing practices, and mental exercises that quiet the body and mind and prepare us for the deeper meditation practices. In the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya, the late great twentieth century yogi, and his son Mr. TKV Desikachar, postures will be sequenced carefully and done dynamically using breath and movement to ensure safe practice. The yoga we teach is not about acrobatic moves or great physical feats, but about physical comfort and strength and going out and doing good so there will be more good in the world. (For stronger yoga posture work, we recommend checking out the many other good studios on the hill.)

In order to create a positive environment, please-
• Remove your shoes at the door,
• Turn off your cell phone/pager,
• Take a few deep breaths on the mat before we start,
• Make sure your feet and hands are clean,
• And, refrain from perfume, oil, or lotions.

For our part we’ll-
• Be on time and ready to teach,
• Check-in with you before we begin the class,
• Ask permission before adjusting you,
• We’ll respect confidentiality and your privacy,
• And, remain open to suggestions and feedback.

The studio is committed to green operations. The props in the studio have been selected because they are organic, close to organic, or will last longer than current green products which in the end means less waste. It’s not perfect, but we have tried.

Please note that we do not sell bottled water and would like to limit the use of paper cups. The kitchen is equipped with filtered water at the sink, an electric tea kettle, tea bags, and glasses and mugs. We ask that you bring a water bottle, and/or that you use our cups and wash them when you are done.

Finally, as much as possible, we’ll communicate by the website. There will be a studio schedule posted on the window and a few paper schedules available for those without internet access. Please help us eliminate waste and keep costs down, so we can continue to offer classes by donation.


The studio name Red Square Yoga has a history. Stacy’s previous two enterprises were The Red Pen, a writing business, and The Red Thread, a hand-made felting endeavor. Before Stacy knew she was going to open her own studio, she learned that a perfect space on Queen Anne had become available. The name of the business then occupying the space (ironically) was the Red Army, owned by a graphic design genius, Gary Wong (who designed our logo). Stacy’s four grandparents were all Russian and, hence, if the name fit, why not wear it.

Special thanks to family and friends who support this project and especially our husbands and children. Thanks to Kate, Gail, Priscilla, Chris, and Sandra for their instruction and support.
Thanks to Gary Wong of the Red Army for his graphic design work and Nityia Przewlocki who designed this website. You can find her work at www.nityiadesign.com