Creation, Taxes, & Demons

by stacy on October 14, 2010

Most of you probably have read or heard about the article on the front page of the Seattle Times on Monday letting us know that at least Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church, and a few others think that if your bent is yoga, you are in danger of keeping company with demons.  I have one question to ask, wasn’t there anything more newsworthy that day for the Seattle Times to publish? I think it’s important to know what is being said, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to give front page cover to a story that is fit for a tabloid.  It’s not the writing or the reporting that I am questioning.  It’s the story itself, which I am sure accurately quotes Driscoll and reflects his point-of-view.  But it’s  just not a good idea to put something out there that might invite more misguided thinking, hysteria, or ideas.  Those of us that realize that Driscoll speaks for one small slice of the population, will not be swayed, but I don’t want to put more press behind the Christian Right (or any other far right movement Right) and help them to extend their reach.   I’m hopeful that this blog entry will not come across as non-yogic, which I don’t think it is.   First, I’m no longer young enough to think that you have to affirm everyone’s opinion.  Everyone has a right to an opinion, but not every opinion is well thought out or grounded in facts.  And Second, there are times when a respectful, positive, and yet forceful stance is required.  My apologies if I have offended anyone at the studio.  The last thing I want to do is chase people away from yoga.

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