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by stacy on November 9, 2010

I jumped through a hoop in the last week that dosen’t look like a hoop, but it feels like a fiery ring.  While in Washington D.C. with my son Noah and two good friends for the Jon Stewart Rally, I stood with my back against the Washington Monument and looked across at Lincoln.  Then, I followed the example of a half-dozen other people and laid on the ground with my legs up the monument.  For those in the yoga-know this posture is called viparita karni.  With the load off of my feet,  I experienced a glorious moment of weightlessness while breathing in fresh-cool air.  As I lay on the ground, it struck me that if I stopped procrastinating, I might be able to greatly reduce my stress load.

Later that night in my hotel, I made a list of all the neglected things that I need to do for my family, the dog, the studio, writing, etc.  I crossed out things that were unrealistic, such as, having a perfectly trained dog.  I added things that weren’t on the list that I really want to do, such as, watch yoga videos that will inspire my practice and teaching.  I grouped things by subjects, family, yoga practice, studio, writing, and friends. I prioritized the list, highest priorities highlighted in pink.  Next, I put dates of  by when I want to complete the various tasks.

Finally, I rewrote the list in the ‘to do’ order with a statement on the top that reads, “FOREGO PROCRASTINATION TO REDUCE ANXIETY.”  I taped the list to the cover of my laptop.

In the week since I returned, I’ve crossed things off the list that I’ve completed, and I’ve added new things as they present themselves.  The list spelled out actually makes me feel better.  I can see the work in front of me, it’s organized, and I no longer feel the weigh of a heavy amorphous cloud following me.

I encourage you to think about what can you do to reduce your stress.

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