Voting Rights And Yoga

by stacy on July 26, 2012

It’s been said many times that yoga is witchcraft by various groups.  It’s not.  I am in an all out panic.  I have lost my ballot which must be mailed by August 7.  There’s a number of big issues to vote on.  There are 3 Supreme Court races on the ballot, 36th District Rep seat open, the Attorney General race, the Insurance Commission, and more.  There’s a chance that if thinking people do not vote, our system will not work.  As many of you no, I foam at the mouth when public education comes up in conversation.  Okay, I bring the issue up in almost every conversation.  All issues can lead to education.  I have one kid in public school and one kid in private school.  Our public schools are in trouble. We are not what Seattle should and could be in terms of public education.  Our system only works if we have an educated citizenry to. Voting is a practice, study the issues, reflect, consult, and vote!  Please!

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