Holidays, Holidaze, Holy Days, or ????

by stacy on December 9, 2012

The holidays mean different things to different people. For some of us, they are an incredible high.  A time of in-gatherings, cooking, baking, gift exchanges, and celebrations.  For others, the holidays are a time to take stock, step back, count blessings.  A time to begin again.  For still others, the holidays are angst ridden stressful, and rather hellish.

As we get older, we can chose to give ourselves permission to be more of who we are and give up on what we think we should be or what others want us to be. But, to choose means we have to know, or we have to work to discover what it is that we truly want.

Here’s an exercise that you may find interesting.  Answer the following questions if you are in the mood.

1.  Think about your best day in the last three months.  What did you do?  Who did you do it with?  Were you inside or out?

2.  How did you feel at the end of the day?  How did you sleep?  How did you feel when you woke up the next morning.

3.  What aspects or parts of the day would make for a rich holiday celebration.

Write a short paragraph using ideas from the above to figure out what kind of holiday experience would likely be fulfilling.

My paragraph:

I like being outside, walking with my family, friends, and dog, looking at houses with lights, while sipping coffee.  I like baking cookies, and watching as my husband turns pounds of potatoes into latkes and asks me (again) how many people I have invited over. (Note, I at least make the homemade crabapple sauce from our small fall harvest of tart crabapples.)  We give our kids each a small gift, we play games.  We favor Cribbage at the moment.  And that’s about it.

I encourage you to check-in before the holidays and see where you are headed.

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